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Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Quality Building Services (QBS) are bathroom renovations specialists in Canberra and provide a range of customised services including cabinet making, custom lighting, underfloor heating, and custom shower screens and glass panels.


Quality Building Services extensive experience of all types of tiles, from the smallest glass and ceramic mosaics to the latest large format tiles along with knowledge of the latest plumbing fittings, fixtures and waterproofing products. This ensures clients can turn their dream bathroom into a reality through bathroom renovations.

Bathroom renovations start with a client’s ideas, working towards a balance of form and function with a view to complement their home. As bathrooms are fast becoming the key room of the home, be it for relaxation, enjoyment or just the perfect way to begin a new day and improve your lifestyle for you and your family.

Below are the all-important questions that once answered will help transform your bathroom:

Is it a total bathroom renovation or just minor maintenance?

There is a considerable difference between installing a new vanity and a complete remodel, particularly when it comes to costs and materials. In the case of minor work, Quality Building Services aim to perfectly integrate your new fixture in with the existing look and feel of your bathroom. As for complete re-modeling work, Quality Building Services will run you through every design concept and material available to ensure the finished result is as stunning as can be. Don’t hesitate, dream big! Even the smallest of alterations can transform your bathroom space – especially when the work is being seen to by one of Canberra’s quality builders.

What is your bathroom renovation budget?

Your budget is your only true limitation when it comes to the bathroom renovations you so desperately need in your Canberra home. What you can and can’t afford can make all the difference between unrestrained imagination and considered remodeling.

One of the Quality Building Services aims is to maximise your budget – with the skills and knowledge to minimise hours needed to get the job done and to source quality materials at a reasonable cost. Whether you are considering minor changes or a full remodel, Quality Building Services wish to give you the best possible work at the lowest possible price.

What can be improved in your current bathroom?

For both minor and complete remodeling, this question is the perfect springboard for imagining what is and isn’t possible. This encourages you to look at your current bathroom space objectively, thinking about what works and what doesn’t. After a while you might realise that your new bathroom space could be born out of a marriage between the old and the new or you might just settle upon starting from scratch – the possibilities are endless.

What kind of style or styles are you considering?

The question of style comes into play more for those looking to do complete bathroom renovations – even the smallest change can make a world of difference. When it comes to style, you need to think – should your bathroom be its own unique space in the home or should it be an extension of the overall aesthetic? Then you need to consider whether you want a modern sleek finish or a more classic, rustic feel. The style questions are endless – the only limit is your imagination and your budget.

Are there any must-have fixtures or features?

What do you absolutely want or need? What are the fixtures that must be in your new bathroom? This can be as much a style consideration as it is one of function. Vanities, sinks, baths, showers, spas, cupboards, towel racks – every last feature plays a part in bringing your grand vision to life. With each new fixture you can blend in with your preferred style or you can contrast it with something else entirely. By the end, you will have a bathroom space that is as stylish as it is functional.

How will you benefit by choosing Quality Building Services for your renovations?

  • QBS offers one point of contact to manage the entire renovation process
  • QBS works in partnership with certified designers based in Canberra
  • QBS coordinates all associated licensed Trades
  • QBS can undertake structural modifications as required
  • QBS provides creative custom designs
  • QBS can provide 3D computer aided designs 
  • QBS only uses quality joinery products

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