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Double Glazing Canberra

Windows and doors play a vital role in the overall energy efficiency performance of your home, with an average Canberra home losing up to 40% of its heating and cooling through its windows. By choosing Energy efficient aluminium double glazed windows you will make long term $$$ savings and reduce your carbon emissions.


Quality Building Services is a local business which has been undertaking aluminium double-glazed window replacements in Canberra for over 20 years. They have extensive experience in retrofitting existing windows and doors and can recommend the most suitable double glazed products for your lifestyle and needs. 

The most effective way to combat heat and cold loss transfer through windows and doors is to install aluminium double glazed windows and doors with an in-line design system.

Many uPVC (plastic) window installation companies will talk about the heat and cold loss which occurs through the aluminium double glazed window unit and will market their product as a superior insulator to this. This is not factual when comparing plastic with aluminium frames which have an in-line system. 

The new in-line design is described as where the timber reveal is in-line with the aluminium frame, the benefit of which is to inhibit any transfer of heat and cold from the inside and out. There is no doubt that timber is the greatest ‘natural’ insulator and that installing this aluminium in-line design window system will deliver all the important benefits of double glazing including:

  • Reducing heating and cooling bills (up to 35%) - save up to 35% by preventing heat and cooling loss through and around windows and doors as well as insulating from outside temperatures. Traditionally double glazing has been associated with high costs, however the long term benefits make the decisions not to double glaze far more costly
  • Achieving a higher Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)
  • Reducing Noise (up to 80% ) - One of the most undervalued improvements with the installation of new double glazed windows is the significant noise reduction that can also be achieved.
  • Reducing UV light (up to 100%)
  • Improving Aesthetics and Property Value - installing double glazed windows increases the value of your property by improving the look and value of inclusions
  • Enjoying year round comfort for you & your family - installing double-glazed windows and doors provides so many benefits; the greatest of which is increased living comfort for your family.

If you are considering double glazed windows for your existing home ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your existing windows made from?
  • How long have they performed this important role in your home?
  • Are these windows still intact and function well since the decades they were installed?
  • Why not use the aluminium that has a long history of withstanding Australian weather conditions?
  • What are the pros AND CONS for uvPVC double glazed windows and do I need spend almost three times more to achieve the same benefits as aluminium? 

One important thing to remember when researching double glazed products is that 93% of the window is the glass and the final 7% constitutes the frame. Is your decision based on the glass or the frame? The performance of the glass will be similar across products and installers and will ultimately provide the greatest double glazing benefits if installed correctly. The aluminium in-line double glazed system is possibly the most price competitive product on the market today.

Before you choose a product and installer, talk to Brad at Quality Building Services about the benefits of the tried and tested aluminium products that are designed for the Australian market.

Aluminium double-glazed windows offer many more benefits than uPVC including higher strength, more colour choice, lower cost, ease of maintenance, better operability, longer life span, higher durability and better noise reduction. These are the facts – do not let other uPVC window replacement companies convince you otherwise.

Top considerations if considering a double-glazed window replacement in Canberra:

  • Understand the pros and cons of aluminium vs uPVC windows
  • Choose a company that installs windows which have been manufactured in Australia to industry standards and suited to the high UV temperatures typical of Canberra as the highest altitude capital city 
  • Use a reputable local experienced business with trained and qualified installers 
  • Read the reviews and choose a business with a local customer satisfaction guarantee

The transformation of heat loss and cold gain are extensive after a double glazed window replacement. Quality Building Services’ happy clients have experienced significant energy cost savings after their entire house has been replaced with double glazed windows. Not only is it energy efficient, the new and improved window sections available on the market today will significantly increase your homes aesthetics.

Quality Building Services is also backed by one of the largest double glazed window manufacturers in Australia. The unique aluminium in-line design system on offer is a far superior insulator than uPVC.

Quality Building Services do however source the most competitive quotes from Australia’s largest manufacturers of energy efficient double glazed windows and doors. This ensures your product is backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25 year builder’s warranty unique to Quality Building Services. Quality Building Services have access to all styles, colours, and shapes of any window you require. All windows come standard with metal flyscreens and security doors can be retro fit to all windows after installation. 

Double Glazed Products include:

Windows: awning, double hung, sliding, casement, cavity sliding, louvre, corner butt joint, fixed, bay, bi-fold Doors, bi-fold, sliding, corner sliding, cavity sliding, corner bi-fold and french

What is double-glazing?

Double-glazed windows and doors are sealed units made up of two pieces of glass, separated by a sealed air gap. The air gap acts as a thermal break between the inner and outer pieces of glass, creating an effective insulated window unit. 

The vacuum sealed air in this space serves three important functions:

  1. To insulate by helping reduce the passage of hot or cold air from inside to out
  2. To prevent condensation from occurring when it’s cold outside and warm inside
  3. To help reduce noise pollution by reducing the ability of noises to pass through the glass

Why choose Quality Building Services for double glazing services? 

  • QBS has over 20 years experience in the double glazed window replacement market in Canberra
  • QBS sources the most competitive price on Australian owned and manufactured energy efficient aluminium double glazed products that have been manufactured to Australian standards and Canberra’s extreme UV weather conditions
  • QBS is a locally owned and operated business where the owner deals directly with clients
  • QBS can offer professional building and energy efficiency advice
  • QBS is your one stop supply, removal and installation company for double glazing
  • QBS offers a customer satisfaction guarantee through the service and install process
  • QBS is fully insured against damage to your existing dwelling during installation
  • QBS sub-contractors are fully licensed carpenters capable of carrying out double glazing replacements
  • QBS will provide obligation free advice and quotation. 

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